Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog! It’s a Mickey Mouse birthday party. When my son was little he was obsessed with all things Mickey Mouse – the cartoons, the toys, the music, you name it and he liked it all! Knowing his love for all things Mickey, I decided to throw him a Mickey Mouse inspired birthday. And he had already built up quite the collection of toys meaning I could use them as decoration for his party! Win-win!

Using details from the cartoons I decided on a hot dog bar as the main course on the food table. I utilized a chalkboard near the table to hand letter the words “Hot Diggity Dog Bar” with an arrow to help direct the guests how to begin to fill up their plates. A crock pot was filled with warm hot dogs, buns were displayed in a basket and right before the food was served the condiments and toppings were put out to be enjoyed by all. In addition to the hot dogs, there was pasta salad, chips and a variety of dips, popcorn and of course, sweets to nibble on!

Mickey & Friend juice bottles and table setting were such a fun find!
Mickey & Friends cake  //  Mini Oreo ear Mickey chocolate cupcakes
A variety of Mickey mini water bottles were available
Letterboard signs always come in handy!
Hand cut customized sign  //  Art table complete with coloring books and stickers

Mickey & Friends were the main element and visual highlights of the party. So overall the rest of the decor was kept on the simpler side with lots of solid red and black & white accents. Having so many Mickey elements in one place made my son beyond happy and that’s really what mattered the most! 

Happy Party Planning, Friends!

– Maghan