About us

Maghan and Katie of Mags & Company

Welcome to our little crafty blog! Phew! It is so exciting to finally say that! We are life-long creatives. Crafting and DIYing is our happy place. And even more-so when we can do it together. We both have amazing families with very full lives plus careers. Still, it’s always been a dream of ours to have a passion-project to do together. That’s how our little blog came to be!

So, a little backstory on us. Maghan is from a charming coastal town in Maine while Katie is from quiet Northern New York. We first met in a calligraphy class while studying graphic design at art school in Western New York. Maghan was a natural at calligraphy. Katie not so much. Still, we bonded over local pizza, the crazy decorated room swaps in Trading Spaces (the original series!) and our love for design and making things. 

Almost immediately out of grad school, we were sitting on the floor of a Barnes & Noble, surrounded by art books and dreaming of ways to make our love for all-things-crafts a permanent part of our lives. But something always came up, making us put our dream on hold. Now, fast-forward 20 or so years, after many moves, different design jobs, we each got married, children and lots of other life-defining moments, we’re finally here making our dreams a reality!

Have we mentioned we’re also neighbors? We’ve settled down with our families, three houses apart, in a peaceful wooded area of Massachusetts. We both grew up surrounded by lots and lots of trees and now we’re raising our children the same way – in the woods! Being able to witness the beautiful Fall New England foliage will never disappoint.

In 2018, we officially started our crafting journey, Turtle & Thread. We took the plunge and started selling our handmade crafts at local craft fairs. It was fun and exciting and something we certainly want to continue. However, due to current circumstances (ahem, looking at you, Covid19) that is now on hold for a while. So instead of craft fairs, we decided to document our crafty ways and start a blog so we can share it with all of you! 

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