We found so much joy in being able to sit down, relax and read this Spring! We have a dozen books to share with all of you that we read or listened to on audible these past few months! 

Here’s our second book list ranging from suspense to self-help:

Arsenic and Adobo  //  Mia P. Manansala
Genre: Cozy mystery
Our thoughts: This book is filled with mouth watering food, lots of different cultural family dynamics and of course, murder(s). From the first few pages I knew immediately I would enjoy this hilarious detective story and it didn’t disappoint. Also, as a heads up, I wanted to have a snack through this entire book because all of the food sounded amazing!

The Hunting Wives  //  May Cobb
Genre: Fiction/Psychological thriller
Our thoughts: Well, if you’re looking for a wholesome book about true love and lasting friendships, this is not the book for you! This book puts a focus on how obsessive (borderline stalker) behavior mixed with drinking can consume and alter someone’s day to day life choices. 

Get a Life, Chloe Brown  //  Talia Hibbert
Genre: Romance
Our thoughts: Such a quick and (very) sexy read! Lots of funny and intimate moments between the main characters as they share past experiences, personal struggles as well as their lustful desires with one another. Chloe and Red are the textbook version of opposites attract!

Things You Save in a Fire  //  Katherine Center
Genre: Romance
Our thoughts: Learning what is important in life can be a struggle and sometimes constant reminders are needed. Cassie discovers the power of true love as well as the art of forgiveness while handling a high stress job as the only female firefighter in her department. This was a very fast read that left me feeling hopeful and happy.   

The Girlfriend  //  Michelle Frances
Genre: Suspense/Thriller
Our thoughts: A face-paced thriller about what happens when an overprotective mother and a status-hungry girlfriend go head to head to win over a young man. Both of the main characters were well-developed and at times you felt for both of them or couldn’t believe what they were capable of doing. Although I did enjoy the story, it was a bit predictable at times with an ending that felt like it could have been developed more.

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones  //  James Clear 
Genre: Self-help
Our thoughts: This book did a really good job of educating the reader about tiny (atomic) habits that can be formed and built upon to make big changes in your life. And how to break the bad habits you may have. One statistic that really stood out was that a person spends on average, 2 hours a day on social media. This amounts to 600 hours a year or 25 days! Imagine what you could do with all that time given back to you in a year.

Winter in Paradise  //  Elin Hilderbrand
Genre: Fiction
Our thoughts: The hidden secrets continue to unravel for one family as they find themselves in paradise while dealing with the challenges of an unexpected loss. So many multi-family secrets with both new and old relationships in this story! I knew this book was the first of a trilogy, but the cliffhanger at the end still caught me by surprise!   

What Happens in Paradise  //  Elin Hilderbrand 
Genre: Fiction
Our thoughts: The second book in the Caribbean island Paradise trilogy did not disappoint! Learning more details about the characters’ lives was like gaining more and more puzzle pieces in order to put the entire picture together. I can’t wait to start reading the last book so I’m able to continue the mysteries and drama that has taken place on beautiful St. John! 

Troubles in Paradise  //  Elin Hilderbrand 
Genre: Fiction
Our thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed the last book of the Caribbean island Paradise trilogy! This book not only continued to develop and explore the characters, it also went into depth about the island itself. Learning about St. John makes we want to visit – just not during hurricane season! This was a very fun, quick trilogy to read!

How Far You Have Come: Musings on Beauty and Courage  //  Morgan Harper Nichols
Genre: Poetry/Essays
Our thoughts: I look forward to reading Morgan Harper Nichols instagram page (@morganharpernichols) every day, so it’s an understatement how excited I was when she announced her latest book this Spring! MHN musings/poetry/writing combined with her art truly taps into feelings/emotions/thoughts I didn’t even know existed! So, so good!   

Big Dreams, Daily Joys  //  Elise Blaha Cripe 
Genre: Self-help
Our thoughts: I’ve followed Elise on social media and have read her blog posts for years and years and have always been drawn to her message of setting goals and making them happen. Easier said than done when it comes to actually implementing it – so when she wrote a book on the matter, I was extremely excited to dive in. I love that it reads like a series of pep talks with lots of practical exercises and the mantra – JUST START. The reminder that failing or giving up on something that isn’t working is okay because you’re still learning from it was so refreshing to hear. And as a designer – I really appreciated the graphic nature of the book! Excited to put her wisdom into practice!

Ties That Tether  //  Jane Igharo
Genre: Romance
Our thoughts: There is such a lovely and honest connection between the main characters in this book. Reading how they handle all of their drastically different cultures and beliefs as well as emotional obstacles gives hope that true love really can conquer all that life throws at you!

Happy Reading, Friends!

– Maghan & Katie