Last year we decided we wanted to read more on a daily basis, so we did! Having successfully enjoyed numerous books throughout the year made us want to continue the joy of reading into the new year. Once again we have a dozen books to share with all of you that we read or listened to on audible these past few months! 

Here’s our first book list of 2022 ranging from contemporary fiction to suspenseful mysteries:

The Holiday Swap  //  Maggie Knox
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Our thoughts: This book gave me major Parent Trap (the original version, of course!) vibes with identical twins switching places/lives. This was a very cute, quick read with a fun, rom-com storyline. It was very much like reading a holiday Hallmark movie with delicious mouth-watering baked goods. Seriously, I wanted a fresh baked chocolate pastry throughout most of this book! Overall it was predictable, but still very enjoyable for a warm and fuzzy read! 

It Ends With Us  //  Colleen Hoover
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Our thoughts: Wow, just wow! Growing up in Maine and now living outside of Boston it was fun reading about both places. It was such a touching story that I could not put the book down and a day later I was done! The storyline, insights and raw emotions brought to light with these characters felt so relatable. Life isn’t easy and doesn’t always go as planned at times. This book shows how the characters still listened to their heart to find peace through the hardest of circumstances.
*As a fair warning, the subject matter can be a trigger for some people.

Ugly Love  //  Colleen Hoover
Genre: Romance
Our thoughts: Oh my heart! So many emotions! Within the first few pages of this book I was hooked! Totally hooked. There is so much passion (as in: many, many steamy love scenes), lust, longing, desire, beautiful and also very ugly love in this story. Having had different experiences with ugly love I really felt the pain in this book. I haven’t cried while reading in a long time. It was wonderful and heartbreaking all rolled into one.
*As a fair warning, the subject matter can be a trigger for some people.

The Party Crasher  // Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Our thoughts: I always jump at the chance to read one of Sophie Kinsella’s new books – she’s one of my favorite authors. Her books always make me laugh and give me a little escape when reading them – and this one was no exception. A slight departure from most of her other books, this story was focused around one family’s drama and the different dynamics between them. Mistrust and miscommunication at the core – it all comes to a head one night at a dinner party. Being a Sophie book, there were lots of laugh out loud moments, silly situations and an all-around good rom-com.

Lethal White  //  Robert Galbraith
Genre: Crime Fiction
Our thoughts: After binge listening to the Cormoran Strike novels years ago during my rather long commute to and from work I was so happy to hear the familiar raspy voice again reading this book as well. I was immediately drawn back into the characters and the overall mystery of the plot. As always there are many twists and turns as you follow along with who was involved with the murder! 

Troubled Blood  //  Robert Galbraith
Genre: Crime Fiction
Our thoughts: As soon as I finished the 4th Cormoran Strike book I immediately started the next book in the series! This book was just as good as the rest of the series. Listening to the details of the cases and learning more about the characters reminds me of a true crime podcast. I’m so excited to learn the 6th book will be released later this year in August! I may have already set a notification in my calendar so I don’t miss the release.

Verity  //  Colleen Hoover
Genre: Thriller/Suspense, Romance
Our thoughts: Well, this book starts off with a morbid bang! My curiosity had already piqued after reading the first page – talk about a very creepy and sometimes frightening page turner! You will start to question everything you thought you knew by the end. The entire book is filled with the ups and downs of heartbreak, many shocking moments and of course, the desire to be loved. 
*As a fair warning, the subject matter can be a trigger for some people.

The Proposal  //  Jasmine Guillory
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Our thoughts: Super cute and just the right amount of cheesy. Even though this was a non-serious rom com, there were still some good takeaways from the storyline involving female empowerment and believing in oneself. Having a good friend group or support system always helps to make life decisions easier. And believing that what you want and what you think you deserve in life is always worth the wait.

Dating Dr. Dil  //  Nisha Sharma
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Our thoughts: This story was filled with lots of strong-willed South Asian female characters and just as many laughs. Overall the story was cute, light hearted and what you’d expect for a rom-com novel. Although I was not prepared for the very detailed, very steamy love scenes! Reading about the hope of soul mates and true, everlasting love is always a good read.

Rock Paper Scissors  //  Alice Feeney
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Our thoughts: From the specific details scattered throughout to the different points of view this book will keep you on your toes as to what’s what! This story is very dark with lots of surprises that keep you guessing until the very last page. I may have to listen to it again to fully comprehend all of the characters and which part they truly played in the story. If you’re looking for a creepy and unsuspecting book, this is the book for you!  

The Paris Apartment  //  Lucy Foley
Genre: Murder Mystery Thriller
Our thoughts: This is one of those stories where all of the characters seem guilty due to the secrets in their past! It’s a constant guess to figure out which character is being honest and which is being untrue. Just when I thought I had the plot figured out another twist was added to the mix. Lots of intrigue, mystery, continuous doubt and family drama is packed into this building in Paris. 

Confessions of a Forty-Something F–k Up  //  Alexandra Potter
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Our thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed this story – the main character was very likable and you felt for her as she was trying to navigate her life as a 40-something who wasn’t where she thought she would be at this point in her life. It’s something everyone can relate to and the situations she and her friends found themselves in were both comical at times and also so very real and hard-hitting. I loved her sense of humor and wit and the use of hash-tags and podcasts is so relevant to now.

Happy Reading, Friends!

– Maghan & Katie