Growing up books were a big part of our childhood. Anyone else have fond memories of Ramona Quimby or The Babysitters Club series?! Our love for reading has only gotten stronger as we’ve gotten older. So starting in January we made a vow to really take more time for ourselves to sit still and read or listen on Audible! Every three months we will be sharing the books that we read with all of you.

Here’s our first 2021 book list ranging from romance to thrillers:

The Girl He Used to Know  //  Tracy Garvis Graves 
Genre: Contemporary Romance  
Our thoughts: This was a very unique love story and I truly enjoyed it. Love, acceptance, second chances and growth between two characters who I really liked and was cheering for. All that and the alternating timelines used in the story along with a twist I wasn’t expecting made this an amazing read.

The Last Flight  //  Julie Clark
Genre: Mystery/Thriller  
Our thoughts: So many emotions with this book! I felt like I was watching a thriller movie and always on the edge of my seat. I was rooting for the main character since the first few pages of the book. Once again I thought I had a mystery book figured out and once again, I was wrong!

Love Your Life  //  Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Humor/Romance  
Our thoughts: As expected with a Sophie Kinsella book, it had a fun story line, laugh out loud moments and some likable characters. However, this book was not one of my favorites from her. I had a hard time liking the main characters and found their courtship to be frustrating. The relationship between their groups of friends was one of the few enjoyments for me.

The Hunting Party  //  Lucy Foley
Genre: Mystery/Thriller  
Our thoughts: I love a whodunit style book and I always try to figure out the ending beforehand. Doesn’t everyone try to be the detective and solve the mystery!? Well, I was wrong with my predictions. Overall this is a great book to keep you guessing and in suspense until the very last page. 

The Dating Plan  //  Sara Desai
Genre: Romance
Our thoughts: A fun, very seductive and quick (beach/weekend/vacation/whenever) read. I haven’t laughed aloud while reading a book in a long time, it was very refreshing. The storyline focuses on the hilarious drama about fake fiancés with a childhood past, family issues and of course, love.     

People Like Her  //  Ellery Lloyd
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Our thoughts: I was not prepared for the amount of emotions, chills and worry this book gave me! The story gives insight, realism (eye rolls) and also some horror surrounding a popular instagram mom and her beloved family. After reading this book I’m going to hug my littles a bit tighter from now on!

Pretty Things  //  Janelle Brown
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Our thoughts: This book gave me some Gone Girl vibes! A con artist, an heiress, a complicated past and revenge all combined for a suspenseful, intriguing story. It’s a long one, alternating between the two women and I was hooked the whole time! I loved the character development and learning how their past and the people in their lives shaped who they are today.

This Time Next Year  //  Sophie Cousens
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Our thoughts: This was like reading a Hallmark movie! Lots of laughter as two people that have lived very different lives but share the same birthday are always at the same place at the same time without realizing it. A great story about learning to love yourself first before you can truly love another person.      

Love Lettering  //  Kate Clayborn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Our thoughts: A very sweet story about a very unlikely pairing – a numbers guy and a calligrapher/designer, set in NYC. As a fan of typography, I enjoyed the overall theme of looking for literal (hand-lettered) signs everywhere and what you can take away from them. I found the characters to be charming and the storyline kept me captivated. There were laughable moments and moments where I was literally saying, “Awwww”.

The Vanishing Half  //  Brit Bennett
Genre: Historical Fiction/Mystery
Our thoughts: Every decision we make alters our path in life and this book is full of how the choices made can change our lives forever. Many heartbreaking moments in this story that focuses on the very different paths two sisters (identical twins) make as they search for themselves, love and acceptance.   

In a Book Club Far Away  //  Tif Marcelo 
Genre: Domestic Fiction
Our thoughts: There were so many female bonding moments in this book that remind me of the show Army Wives. The story focuses on how three women handle their daily stresses while also being caring Army spouses. The most important part of the story was having the ability to send an SOS day or night to framily (friends you chose to be your family) making handling difficult situations bearable with their continuous support.

Head Over Heels  //  Hannah Orenstein
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Our thoughts: My favorite part about the Olympics has always been gymnastics, so I immediately liked this book from the first few pages. The story is about a former Olympic hopeful finding her new path in life as she moves back to her hometown in Massachusetts. She juggles a romantic interest as she builds her career from the ground up while also showing the world the flaws in the gymnastic system. 

Happy Reading, Friends!

– Maghan & Katie