We found so much joy in being able to sit down, relax and read this Summer! We have a dozen books to share with all of you that we read or listened to on audible these past few months! 

Here’s our third book list ranging from contemporary romance to memoir:

Untamed  //  Glennon Doyle
Genre: Memoir/Biography/Autobiography
Our thoughts: It was enjoyable listening to Glennon read aloud her book via audible. Her memoir was very empowering. Getting a glimpse of the struggles in her personal life and how she dealt with her emotions was eye opening. Such a thought-provoking perspective about how women are viewed by others and how they view themselves in today’s society. This book will definitely make you think, reflect and ignite some deep feelings.

How to Walk Away  //  Katherine Center
Genre: Romance
Our thoughts: The main character in this book demonstrates that even if your worst fears happen, life will still move forward whether you want it to or not. Margaret faces so many highs and lows as she deals with overcoming life changing events. There are many times that shifting priorities and perspectives makes all the difference! 

Malibu Rising  //  Taylor Jenkins Reid
Genre: Saga/Literary Fiction
Our thoughts: Through lots of ups and downs four siblings show how strong their love is for one another despite not having a traditional upbringing on the coast of California in the early 1980’s. The Riva children give an in-depth look of their personal lives as they deal with life’s highs and lows while always dealing with the constant disappointment and struggles of living in the shadows of a famed rockstar father. This story ends on one unforgettable summer night that changes the lives of the famed Riva family forever.

Beach Read  //  Emily Henry 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Our thoughts: This was the book that kicked off my summer reading and it was a perfect choice. A fun read with some depth about two polar opposites in the literature world whose fates collide one summer as they end up staying in neighboring beach houses. Enjoyed watching their romantic relationship grow as they helped each other out of writer’s block by going on planned dates to learn more about their respective genres with lots of funny banter. 

The Midnight Library  //  Matt Haig 
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Our thoughts: Every decision you make, no matter how big or small, sends your life down a certain path. The midnight library holds an infinite amount of books to all the other lives you could have lived if you had made different choices. This book is about one woman’s chance to try out these other possibilities and find out where she truly belongs and what she really wants. I thought it was a wonderful story and did make me pause to think about my own life’s decisions. 

What You Wish For  //  Katherine Center
Genre: Romance
Our thoughts: The phrase “be careful what you wish for” comes to mind while reading this book. What you think you’re wishing for might not be what you get or what you need. “We made a choice to do joy on purpose” was a line in the book that really got to me on a personal level. Reading about the main character going through their deep personal struggles and how they dealt with their emotions and challenges was very touching and uplifting.

That Summer  //  Jennifer Weiner
Genre: Fiction
Our thoughts: Honestly I have lots of mixed feelings about this book as there were parts of the story that were rather hard for me to read. The story discusses the power of female growth, awakening and bonding as well as the traumatic experiences of the #MeToo movement. 

We Are The Brennans  //  Tracey Lange
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Our thoughts: From the very first couple of pages of the book I was hooked! As the story continued to develop there were lots of subtle hints of intrigue that came to light with different family members and I kept wanting to know more. Although I will say the ending left me wanting a Part 2, I need to know more! 

The Paper Palace  //  Miranda Cowley Heller 
Genre: Fiction
Our thoughts: “This house, this place, knows all my secrets.” It’s always fun to read books that take place locally – this one on Cape Cod. But this story is very heavy at times, recalling one family’s history and dark past. The decisions that are made by the main character and her longtime best friend in the past and present all lead up to one life-changing day on the Cape. I really enjoyed the characters and very-layered story, and found this to be a book that I didn’t want to stop reading.

Boyfriend Material  //  Alexis Hall 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Our thoughts: Loved this book!! This came as a recommendation if you wanted to laugh out loud and wow did I ever. It’s a story of two single men who decide to start a fake relationship in order to help each other out of situations they’ve found themselves in, even though they have nothing in common. I genuinely liked both of these characters and was rooting for them to end up together. I also found the cast of characters around them to be so enjoyable. 

Declutter Like A Mother  //  Allie Casazza 
Genre: Self-help
Our thoughts: I’ve followed Allie for years on social media and have listened to her podcasts. So when she wrote a book with a title that really spoke to me, I knew I had to read it. As expected, she really speaks to moms who just want to stop spending every waking free-minute picking up their home. She starts with setting intentions and then goes from room to room, with nuggets of advice for clearing out the clutter and minimizing your stash. And from there, getting yourself to a place where you can spend your precious time with your loved ones and passions, and not at the mercy of your cluttered home. I’m excited to put this book into action!

The Heart Principle  //  Helen Hoang
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Our thoughts: After only reading the first two pages I was already smiling to myself and nodding while acknowledging Anna’s tendencies. The power to recognize what you need to be happy and learn to thrive is a wonderful thing and even better when you have someone to support you during the journey. The relationship between Anna and Quan is erotic (very erotic!) but also so very sweet and nurturing.  

Happy Reading, Friends!

– Maghan & Katie