We’ve been very busy the past three months with life stuff, but we still found some quiet moments to curl up with some contemporary romance, self-help and thriller novels to end the year. We have half a dozen books to share with all of you that we read or listened to on audible these past few months! 

Here’s our fourth book list ranging from contemporary romance to a thriller:

One Last Stop  //  Casey McQuiston 
Genre: Romance
Our thoughts: I really enjoyed this book. It was contemporary romance mixed with some time travel and laugh out loud moments. Taking place in Brooklyn and mostly on the Q train, August and Jane were destined to meet. The characters and their found family were so likable and I found myself rooting for a happy ending all the way through. So many feel good moments and the power of friendship and community shined through. 

The Love Hypothesis  //  Ali Hazelwood
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Our thoughts: Such a cute, quick book! There are many layers of hidden depth within the storyline of the very nerdy scientists’ fake-relationship. The loving banter, constant misses but also standing up for what is right, make this book a very enjoyable read.

The High 5 Habit  //  Mel Robbins
Genre: Self-help
Our thoughts: I wasn’t sure what to think when I first selected this book, but after listening to the first few minutes of the audiobook I went from skeptic to nodding and chuckling in agreement. Taking time to take action to acknowledge ourselves as valuable, capable and worthy individuals really is the first step to adjusting our overall outlook of life. Such an inspiring listen and I’m hoping everyday to take the moment to high five myself so I know I’m worth it.

The Ex Hex  //  Erin Sterling
Genre: Romance
Our thoughts: Honestly I was a bit skeptical of reading a book about supernatural powers and a hex, but it was adorable! It brought back my fond childhood memories of watching magical witches in tv shows like Charmed. I may or may not want to heat up my tea without using a kettle or microwave now! If you’re looking for a quick, magical read with some steamy scenes, then you’ll enjoy this book.

The Neighbor’s Secret  //  L. Alison Heller
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Our thoughts: When a story starts with friendly neighbors in a stereotypical perfect cul-de-sac, you know there is going to be a shock factor at some point! And this book did just that. Ohhh the secrets kept unraveling until the very end. 

The Guilt Trip  //  Sandie Jones
Genre: Thriller
Our thoughts: This book felt like a delicious soap opera, complete with drama, constant suspicion and of course, infidelity. I always enjoy a story that makes me keep trying to put the puzzle pieces together to figure out how it will eventually end. As much as I tried I could not put this puzzle together! Such a thrilling, surprising, quick read! 

Happy Reading, Friends!

– Maghan & Katie