With the New Year finally here (hooray!!) I think we are all feeling a bit optimistic for better days. Instead of the old school thought of writing down a New Year’s resolution, we decided we would like to spend the year learning a new craft or try our hand at a forgotten childhood skill. Anyone remember making friendship bracelets at camp!? Each month we are going to select a new skill that peaks our interest and we’ve decided to bring you along our crafting journey. We are going to share what new craft we decided to tackle and the ups, downs or in-betweens of how the project worked out for us. Our goal is to end the year with twelve (hopefully complete) crafting projects!

And because it’s January 1st, we realized we needed a new calendar to track our process as well as a way to organize our non-crafting lives. We wanted to share our 2021 calendar with all of you as a free pdf printable!

Our calendar includes:

  • Printing instructions (located on the first page)
  • Calendar (12 pages)

If you have any questions regarding the calendar, please send us an email at mags.and.company@gmail.com.

Happy New Year, friends!

– Maghan & Katie

Please note this 2021 calendar is for personal use only. 

This calendar is ©Mags & Co. 

Thank you!