I’m Maghan and I’m the “Mags” in Mags & Company. 

Here are some fun random facts about me: I’m a wife, mother of two little humans and two cats, graphic designer (day job), party planning enthusiast (I may go a bit overboard planning my kids birthday parties), book & coffee lover, and Pinterest addict.

The original “children” – our furbabies.

I’ve been interested and surrounded by art since I was 2 years old and my parents placed me on their dining room table so I can spread out my crayons and color for hours. My passion for making things has only increased since then! And now my own dining room table always has mason jars filled with lots of colored pencils and paper so whenever my kids have the urge to draw they can! 

There is always artwork on the dining room table!

All aspects of art have always interested me, so when the time came after High School to decide on a career path I went to college in Western New York to become a graphic designer. Being a shy small town girl from Maine, this was a major life change for me! I was lucky enough to have met my amazing friend Katie in college and we’ve been friends ever since! We even decided to continue our education and get our Master’s Degree after graduation. After I was done with college I got a job working as a designer at a boutique real estate company. Since my first “real” job over 18+ years ago, I’ve worked with many different clients and companies as a graphic designer. 

Even though I love all things art I’m more than a little bit left-brained too. I’m known for my planning (some might call it over-planning!), organizational skills, and making lists for ALL aspects of my life. 

Now that you know a little bit about me, I’m so excited to share our adventures in crafting with all of you!