A wintery, girlie nutcracker themed gift basket!

In the fall I started to think about doing something extra special this holiday season for my daughter. She’s really been missing her friends, real life playdates and just overall having the pandemic blues (me too kid, me too)!! I decided to plan a festive movie and virtual crafting playdate for my daughter and her best friend. 

Enjoying the ballet (or holiday performances) is an annual tradition for many and since this wasn’t an option this year, I wanted to bring home the joy of watching The Nutcracker with friends and family. With this as my inspiration I decided to create a virtual event to capture the magic of the season. Since my goal was to bring festive cheer to others I thought a gift basket was the perfect way to gather the items I had in mind!

Yummy popcorn and candy as the movie snacks.
A wooden nutcracker for painting with adorable snowflake headbands.

I love a good themed gift basket, don’t you?! I find so much joy in matching up the items and making the gift feel as custom and special as the person getting the basket. Knowing the movie was going to be The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, I took the nutcracker idea and ran with it! To create the full experience I included movie snacks (popcorn and candy in fun pink and purple shades!!), sparkling cider with pretty glasses, snowflake headbands and tattoos, small favors (snowglobe slime and a Lucky Fortune bracelet) and to finalize the idea, a wooden nutcracker as the craft. Viola! A wintery, girlie nutcracker themed basket!

After streaming the movie on Disney+ (GroupWatch is such a cool feature!) the girls started the crafting portion of their playdate. Painting the wooden nutcrackers from Michaels was a huge success! The gift basket also included a silver star tablecloth and coordinating plates and napkins for the painting process.

It was so much fun to see so much festive cheer with this gift basket! 

Happy Winter Crafting, friends!

– Maghan