Lots of people enjoy the celebrations that occur on St. Patrick’s Day, the main tradition including wearing the color green. We were told when we were children if you didn’t wear green clothing like a Leprechaun we would get pinched! Ouch! Whether you believe in this folklore or not, we still wear a bit of green on St. Patrick’s Day just in case.  

Searching for little prankster Leprechauns as well as a pot o’ gold at the end of a rainbow are always fun (Americanized) traditions in our households. This year we decided to make beaded bracelets with the word LUCKY for our kiddos and ourselves with lots of green and rainbows so there wouldn’t be any pinching between siblings! Maybe it also helps us find some gold?!? And of course we had to make a fun pom pom too.

After measuring one of the kid’s wrists we roughly laid out the beads to the sizing needed before stringing the beads together. Doing this allowed us to create a pattern ahead of time and visualize the bracelet. We followed the same concept for the grown-up bracelets, except we decided to use round beads and discs to create the Morse Code word for LUCKY (.-.. ..- -.-. -.- -.– ) instead of using alphabet beads like we did for the kid version. All beading supplies we used are from our local Michaels store. 

Supplies used to make the bracelets:

  • Bead ‘n Stretch jewelry cord (clear)
  • Pony beads (we used solid colors and special gold glitter beads)
  • Alphabet beads
  • Scissors

For the grown-up (or teenager!) bracelets instead of pony beads we used semi precious beads.

In case we don’t find a pot ‘o gold for St. Patrick’s Day we made a little pom pom cutie named “Goldie” to brighten our day!

Meet Goldie, our little pom pom!!

Happy Beading!

– Maghan & Katie