Hello! Our craft for October was crocheting. While this was not a new craft for Maghan, it was for Katie and we both wanted to challenge ourselves to try something new. Fall is in full effect in New England right now and we were both looking forward to making something warm and cozy!

Here’s a quick Q&A of our crocheting adventures:

What did you want to get out of this project?
K: Other than a few failed attempts at crocheting and knitting, I’m a complete beginner when it comes to this skill set. So for my project this month, I wanted to work on the coziest little lap blanket using a simple hand technique and chunky yarn. I wanted to just get my feet wet and practice the basics. Coming away with an actual, physical item that I want to use is such a bonus!

M: I remember crocheting with my Grammie when I was really young. I had fun simply making the chain stitch, so much so that I chained an entire ball of yarn and the chain ended up going all throughout the house. As I got older I forgot most of my knowledge until I got to college and decided to take an elective in crocheting. My teacher was an adorable little man with so much energy it was infectious! I enjoyed his teaching style as much as I enjoyed learning the fundamentals of crocheting. My Junior year of college is really when my love for crocheting took off, but I always stuck with the stitches I had mastered during the class. This month I started by having my first project be on the quicker side to get my hands used to crocheting again. I selected neutral DMC floss colors and picked up my metal 00/3.5MM crochet hook to make mini crocheted scarves. In about 30 minutes and one skein of floss I had a little fringe scarf. So fun! Once the excitement of crocheting came flooding back I decided to push myself to try new stitches, make a pattern for the first time, all while still having fun crocheting. I didn’t want to get into anything too advanced that zapped the joy out of the process. 

Did you enjoy the process?
K: I did! I began by searching the internet for a blanket pattern I could follow. I knew I wanted to start even more basic than using a crochet hook. I wanted to practice with my hands first! I found a video tutorial for making a chunky blanket using wool. Instead of using wool (honestly because of the cost), I went with a chunky acrylic from the Loops & Threads Chunky Grande line in a pretty taupe color. I was happy that I could still follow the tutorial easily. I watched the video a couple times and then started the process myself. I was so happy to find out that it wasn’t intimidating at all and so easy to do! I couldn’t believe that in a matter of an hour, I had already gone through 2 balls of the yarn. In the end, I completed a really pretty and oh-so-cozy lap blanket. Perfect for keeping me warm while reading, crafting or just watching tv!

M: oh yes, I really did enjoy crocheting this month. I’ve made lots of scarves throughout the years, normally not for myself though. I wanted to make a scarf I would actually wear. Knowing that the scarf was for myself helped to try out new stitches since I wasn’t worried about screwing anything up to give as a gift. After walking the aisles of Michael’s for over an hour I finally selected the perfect yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease in the color Flax. I’ve been drawn to neutrals lately so it was really exciting to see the scarf grow in size. I had the biggest smile on my face the first time I made a bobble stitch! I may be obsessed with making those little puffs. 

I have a blog post coming soon with the pattern I created for my infinity scarf. I’m nervous and very thrilled to share this with all of you.

My first attempt at a Bobble Stitch!

Would you do it again?
K: Most definitely. I want to try the hand technique again using a different crochet pattern and other types of yarn. And then eventually using the hook … I’m getting there!

M: I sure do! It’s always fun to snuggle with my cat and crochet. More couch crafts for the win! hehe I already have another infinity scarf in the works for this holiday season. I’m excited to continue to use some of the new techniques I learned this month.

Happy crafting, friends!

– Katie & Maghan