Hello! My new craft for January was loom weaving. I purchased the beginner’s cherry weaving kit in the seaspell color palette by @smileandwave. Upon seeing this kit I immediately fell in love with rich colors. Before the kit had even arrived I already envisioned a finished woven wall hanging in my living room! 

Here’s a quick Q&A of my weaving adventure:

Why did you decide to do this craft/skill?
I’ve always been so mesmerized by the world of fiber arts, but I’ve never tried my hand at loom weaving until now. I decided to not overthink (sometimes that is hard for me!) and just go for it! And I have to say it was a lot of fun!

What did you want to get out of this project?
I’ve always strived for perfection in crafting and this time I wanted to focus on learning instead. Keeping consistent tension is always a major factor when working with yarn, so I tried not to be too hard on myself when some days I was a bit better at it than other days.

Did you enjoy the process? 
Once I gained some confidence with the terms used and the repetition of steps I started to relax and enjoy seeing the loom fill up with lots of fun patterns. It was exciting to see the different individual knot, fringe and weave rows come together to form one piece. I’d love to try a more abstract piece next time. Maybe even add a pom pom or two!? My one complaint would be I didn’t quite have the proper setup in place when I first started and I was rather stiff from standing or bending in the same position for long periods of time! Making sure to take stretch breaks and having a comfy setup is key!

Would you do it again?
Yes, yes I would! I’m very happy with the outcome of my first weaving project and I may already have a few projects in mind for the future! 

Happy Weaving, friends!

– Maghan