For my son’s second birthday he had a dinosaur themed party. He was adorable as he ran around his party with a dino hat on saying, “Roar!” to all of his guests. I loved seeing his eyes light up seeing the decorations scattered around the house.

It was so much fun to gather and create the dinosaur themed food display! As a focal point  behind the cake there was a large triceratops mylar balloon surrounded by a bunch of safari themed balloons behind the food table. The food varied in different shades of green, brown and orange colors on top of tree bark wrapping paper lining the table. Homemade mac & cheese in a crockpot was the main entree, then there were dino shaped chicken nuggets and lots of snack options! The snacks included popcorn, spinach and artichoke dip with Tostitos, green grapes, natural cheese balls, dino shaped pb&j sandwiches and green wrapped Hershey kisses as a sweet treat.

When I was searching for balloons on Amazon I came across a 4 foot inflatable Brachiosaurus dinosaur and I was sold! It was adorable, durable and the hit of the party. Since it was much taller than my 2 year old son he thought it was so much fun to hug it and then bring it with him around the house for playtime.

I loved putting together an arts and crafts table for the kids at the party. There is always an abundance of coloring supplies and activities for the kids (and adults, too!) to keep everyone busy at any point during the party. After seeing the adorable dinosaur drawings on the Caravan Shoppe digital download site I knew I had to have them! I paired the fun fact coloring sheet placemats with dinosaur cups from Target and fun dinosaur hats from The Dollar Tree. 

Each little guest got to take home a goodie bag containing a little dinosaur squishy toy and mini art kit to go along with their dino hat. I found small green paper bags at Michaels and customized the bags with the birthday guests name on them. It could be used with the dual purpose of ensuring each child wasn’t left out and they could use the bag as a coloring sheet later if they chose. A win-win for all!

Happy Party Planning, Friends!

– Maghan