Lately it’s felt like wherever you look, a pom pom pillow is always in the background of everyone’s photos. After doing some online searching I realized that the pillows I liked were either sold out or more money than I wanted to spend at the moment. I found an affordable Opalhouse neutral pillow at Target (only $20!!) that I fell in love with, but it didn’t have the pom poms I wanted. So that inspired me to make my own pom pom pillow! 

The pillow was in my cart as soon as I had the idea to add pom poms to it! Once I had the pillow in my hands and could see the colors in person I started looking for a cream yarn that matched the lightest part of the pillow.

The color that matched the best was Patons Classic Wool Roving in Aran. It’s a soft, bulky yarn that makes nice, full pom poms.

I bought four skeins, one for each side of the pillow.

In addition to the four skeins of yarn, I also needed a pom pom maker, sharp scissors, a ruler and a large eye metal sewing needle. After making the first pom pom I measured the size of the pom pom to the side of the pillow. Each side of the pillow would need six pom poms, plus two on each corner, to make a full row of pom poms. After doing the math (6×4 + 4 corners), I ended up needing 28 pom poms in total. This step took awhile to complete, but with a good audiobook playing in the background the time flew by! Highly recommended with repetitive projects like this one.

After all 28 pom poms were trimmed, but I kept their tails so I could easily attach them to the pillow, I was ready to go!

I started by attaching the tail of the pom poms with a large eye metal sewing needle. The large eye made it easy to thread the yarn without splitting it apart. One pom pom at a time I sewed them to the pillow and if needed I trimmed any extra long pieces from the tail. I attached the pom poms to each other rather closely so there weren’t any gaps and it looked like one continuous flow.

And just like that (well, after many hours of pom pom making) my diy pom pom pillow was complete and ready to be featured in the background of all of my future photos! ha!

The best part is this pillow can be reversible based on my mood or the look I’m going for! 

Happy pom pom making, friends!

– Maghan