Ever since I was pregnant with the twins, I had the “You Are My Sunshine” tune swirling around in my head. It became the theme of their shared nursery and when I was debating what to do for their first birthday it was the only thing that seemed right! More than anything, I wanted the day to be a celebration of the amazing first year we had with them. And to share all the moments and milestones in between.

A confetti-themed cake including two little smash cupcakes and handmade paper candles.

I used a shelving unit we had set up in the dining room as a backdrop to the food table and collected some of their most loved toys and books as decorations. I love the little rainbow vignettes that were scattered throughout. I also grabbed some of the decorations already being used in their nursery, including an adorable handmade sun that Maghan had made for them and other “You Are My Sunshine” decor. I used their monthly photos we had taken to create a banner showing their growth throughout the year. It ended up being a sunburst of color and fun!

A handmade banner celebrating each month of their first year.

I sprinkled other decorations around the room, including some balloons and their highchair area. Once again I grabbed a “You Are My Sunshine” banner from their nursery that I had finished making out of felt for them only weeks before they were born. I love how it naturally fit into the look and feel of the rest of the party!

Sunshine balloons  //  A handmade banner  //  Lots of yellow!

We wanted to keep the menu simple, so the food table had an array of finger foods and sweets. It was fun collecting all the yellow and gold foods I could find!

Another closeup of the cake  //  Goodies including popcorn, cake pops and gold-themed candy

The kids were absolutely spoiled with their birthday gifts! Maghan made them each the cutest bear-themed gift baskets! It included small Care Bear Funshine and Wish stuffed animals, animal themed books and some handmade decor for their room – personalized bear embroidered mini hoop art and miniature animal heads on painted wooden slices.

We had such a memorable first birthday party for them; surrounded by friends and family that we love so much.

Happy Party Planning, Friends!

– Katie