Hello! My new craft for May was the art of macramé. I learned very early on in the process that each pattern is made up of different types of knots. I primarily used the square knot (a beginners knot) as well as trying my hand at different combinations of hitch knots.

I decided a kit was how I wanted to approach this craft since I was a true novice. I purchased two Macramé Bracelet beginner kits and The Breuklander Macrame wall hanging kit from We Are Knitters. The bracelet kit included a skein of mini cotton (in Mauve and Light Salmon colors), pattern and a small knitter’s sewing needle. It was the perfect first project for me to dive into the macramé world! The wall hanging kit included a skein of cordage yarn (in the off-white color), a wooden dowel (for hanging the finished project), pattern with instructions and a small knitter’s sewing needle.

Here’s a quick Q&A of my woven macramé adventure:

Why did you decide to do this craft/skill?
I’ve always been fascinated by the art of macramé. As a child I remember going through my mom’s jewelry box and falling in love with one of her bracelets with wooden beads. When I asked her about the pretty bracelet she told me she made it herself and the process was called macramé. From that day on I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making something with macramé, like my mom had done many years before.

What did you want to get out of this project?
My overall goal for this month was to simply learn the basic knots that make up macramé. After watching lots of different tutorials I knew it may take some time to master the basics, but I stuck with it and did it! I wouldn’t call myself advanced yet, but I’m not a beginner anymore either! I was most excited about tackling the wall hanging, but I first practiced making bracelets to learn the process. I picked a wall hanging that looked pretty and was actually rather simple to achieve – a confidence booster for sure!

Did you enjoy the process? 
Yes, I really did enjoy it! The process brought back my feelings of making friendship bracelets for more hours than I can recall during my childhood. The repetition and seeing the progress grow before my eyes is mesmerizing. For a while I repeated a rhythmic chant to myself so I wouldn’t mess up the pattern of knots: over, top, under, pull up, switch sides…and repeat it over and over and over again!

Would you do it again?
Yes, I would! I already have my next project picked out!

Happy crafting, friends!

– Maghan