Hello! My new craft for March was woven potholders. I purchased a large black PotholderPRO 10” x 10” metal loom and cotton Potholder Loops (PRO size) from Harrisville Designs. This loom makes 8″ x 8″ finished size potholders. The neutral toned loop colors I chose are from the Designer Color Line collection in Ochre, Flax, Pewter, Silver, Winter White and Pine. 

Here’s a quick Q&A of my woven potholder adventure:

Why did you decide to do this craft/skill?
I remember as a child making my first potholder at Girl Scout camp over summer break. I’ll never forget how my parents actually used the wonky shaped, missed stitched potholder for more years than I can remember! I always told myself if I ever made potholders again I wanted to make nicer versions that weren’t in neon colors (90’s childhood). So this was my chance to prove I could improve my childhood skills!

What did you want to get out of this project?
I enjoyed picking up this childhood craft project as an adult. My viewpoint was very different as I was making my potholders this time around. I was thinking about how useful they would be in the kitchen or how I wanted to create certain patterns and color combinations to give as gifts. When I made potholders as a child, I was not thinking about cooking in the kitchen or how useful this craft really is!

Did you enjoy the process? 
I really did! For me the process was like crocheting, a very soothing repetitive craft. It took longer for me to decide on the patterns and colors to use than it did to actually make the potholders!

Would you do it again?
Yes! I may or may not have already started some early Christmas gifts!

Happy crafting, friends!

– Maghan