When my daughter was about to turn 4 years old she had discovered Superheros while playing at Preschool. She used to have the biggest smile on her face as she would run around singing, “Na na na na na, Batmaaaaan!” So I took her new found interest and turned it into the theme of her 4th birthday party and she loved it. 

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create a 3D city skyline behind the food table as the focal point. With measurements in hand I purchased good quality black foam core (with a black core), black electrical tape and yellow Post-it notes. I already had an X-Acto knife and cutting mats on hand, so I was good to start building. I was very happy with how the buildings turned out! After the buildings were in place I set up the rest of the food table with yellow, lots of black & white and silver serveware as the main colors.

Superhero city food display.
Chocolate cupcake treats with superhero pinwheel toppers.

I custom ordered dark gray frosted cupcakes to match the gray frosting on the cake. Katie made pinwheel medallions on gray paper straws. She was able to use the superhero circle stickers (Boom!, Zap! and Bam!) I found as the center for the medallion and it worked out perfectly. I was absolutely thrilled how she used the comic strips as the background to tie them into the theme of the party.

YUM! Napkins  //  Custom water bottles and book  //  Soda with POP sign
Superhero 4th birthday cake  // Selfie time with Maghan & Katie
Coloring books with each birthday guest’s name.

I will be the first to admit that I can go a bit overboard (at times!) with my detailed ideas, but I’m always grateful when Katie is there to help make my visions come to life! So I was very relieved when we tag teamed to create custom color coordinating themed favor sets for the birthday guests. The sets included a mask to color, blank personalized superhero notebook, Crayola Super Heroic crayon pack and a black cape with each child’s first initial. The initials were cut out of different colored felt, placed on top of a yellow lightning bolt and hand stitched with the matching initial color onto a white circle before being ironed onto the cape. While I was making the capes Katie designed and printed the artwork for the personalized notebooks. It was all a labor of love, but I couldn’t be happier with the results!

A mask, coloring book, pack of crayons and a cape as personalized favors.
Having fun showing off their custom capes and colored masks.

The kids looked adorable in their handmade superhero costumes. Seeing all of the kids smile during the party made all of the late nights making sure all of the tiny details were in place worth all of the effort! 

Happy Party Planning, Friends!

– Maghan