Planning a birthday party for little ones can be so fun but also such a daunting process. Especially when it comes to narrowing down a theme…there are so many ideas out there and picking one over another can be tough. When my twins were turning 2, I knew I wanted to go with a gender-neutral theme again. Something they would both really enjoy. Looking around at all the toys and books we had at the time, I noticed we had a decent amount of farm-related items. Wooden puzzles, books, play farms and oh-so-many Fisher Price Little People farm animals! And knowing how much the kiddos liked playing with those toys, having a farm-themed party was the way to go!

Creating the look for the food and cake table was really enjoyable for me. I was happy to find cow patterned balloons on Amazon! They were exactly what I had in mind. I matched them with simple red balloons and a giant no. 2 balloon. One day while at our local party store, I came across their summer/picnic section and realized I could use their red gingham supplies in this theme! I grabbed a tablecloth as well as food containers. I added some toy farm animals and a fun tractor pulling corn on the cob made out of Kix cereal (a surprise from Maghan!) to the table and the scene was set!

The cake was from our local Wegmans and I asked them to add simple flowers to the top knowing I had ordered a cake topper from Etsy. I thought the three-dimensional farm with the #2 was perfect. Our menu consisted of veggies and dip, pasta salad, cheese and meat trays for sandwiches and other finger foods.

The animals seemed to enjoy the food too  //  Our farmer friend pulling some corn on the cob

I wanted the kiddos to have something fun to wear for their party that also matched the theme. I was able to recreate t-shirts based off of a Pinterest design I had found and was so happy with how they came out. We also had a pet sheep balloon with us for the day and that was such a hit was the kiddos at the party.

“TWO” Moo shirts  //  Playing with our pet sheep  //  Layered paper cake topper
 Gift bags for our little guests
Adorable cow and pig themed gift bags that Maghan created for the twins.

It was such a fun day and I was so happy to see the kids all enjoying the party. I remember at the end of the day when we were taking everything down, the twins each grabbed an end of the table cloth (which had made its way to the floor). They just pulled each other along, running back and forth while our sheep friend tagged along. Oh the laughs and the memories. 

Happy Party Planning and Memory Making, Friends!

– Katie