Hello! I’m sharing my very first pattern for an extra long infinity scarf with chunky yarn with all of you. I decided to use Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick Yarn in the color Flax and I couldn’t be happier with my selection. The color was the perfect neutral for my vision. The yarn had the right amount of thickness, didn’t pull apart on me and kept its shape throughout the process. Win, win! 

My go to stitch has always been the double crochet so I was thrilled to learn the bobble stitch was basically the double crochet stitch multiple times into the same loop. Since my yarn was on the chunkier side I did 4 double crochet stitches into one loop and then a single crochet into the next loop to make the perfect sized bobble stitch for my scarf. The extra single stitch anchored the stitches and made the bobble stay round. Those little puffs were really exciting to make! 

On our Instagram @mags.and.company I posted a reel of me making the bobble stitch if you’d like to see how it was created. 

Here’s the pattern:
Skill Level: Mid-Level Beginner 
Pattern is for one extra long infinity scarf.

Materials and tools: 
Super bulky weight yarn (about 6 skeins) 
10 mm crochet hook (N)
Yarn needle 

SC: Single Crochet Stitch
DC Stitch: Double Crochet Stitch
4 DC TOG: 4 Double Stitches Together to create one Bobble Stitch
2 DC TOG: 2 Double Stitches Together to create one half Bobble Stitch

Chain Stitch 85” in length (approximately 175 stitches)

1 Row – DC
3 Rows – SC
1 Row – 4 DC TOG
1 Row – SC
2 Rows – DC
1 Row – 2 DC TOG
2 Rows – DC
1 Row – SC
1 Row – 4 DC TOG
3 Rows – SC
1 Row – DC

If you’d like to keep the scarf as is (not an infinity loop), simply weave in the ends using a yarn needle OR to create the infinity loop use a yarn needle to stitch together the ends. 

Voila! The extra long infinity scarf is complete. Time for a happy dance!

Once you’ve tried out our pattern we’d love for you to tag us @mags.and.company and #makewithmagsandcompany so we can see your scarf! 

Happy crocheting, friends!

– Maghan