Halloween Countdown Calendar
Not so spooky Halloween countdown calendar.

Ready for some Halloween fun? 

This year has certainly been one like no other. And with all the uncertainty and disruptions and just plain hard times, I wanted to do something a little extra special for the kiddos this Halloween. My kids love Halloween and so to make it extra special and to get as much out of it as we possibly can, I made a countdown calendar for them for the month of October. Every day they can see what special activity or treat will happen that day. As we know, kids get very excited about these sorts of things, so I have a feeling it will be a source of real fun and anticipation each morning. 

To make this calendar, I went through my stash of envelopes. I tend to hoard envelopes, so I had quite a few to choose from. I picked a color scheme and made a list of spooky characters and fun items to create. Then I went to town with my paper stash and scissors – creating them right onto the envelopes. I did this while watching old episodes of “The City” (remember that show from like a decade ago on MTV??) after the kids were in bed and it was really a good time. haha. 

Once I had my 31 envelopes, I cut out tags and labeled them for each day of the month. I stuck them to my envelopes and then attached each to some string. Once it was attached to the dowel and up on the wall, I had myself a countdown calendar for Halloween! 

You could make any variation of this that you like. Maybe it’s 31 monsters or pumpkins or maybe it’s made out of other materials. There are really so many ways to go.

The idea for this calendar was created by the amazingly talented ladies of A Beautiful Mess, so I want to thank them for the inspiration!

– Katie