Once upon a time there was a little girl that asked for a princess birthday party, so that is what she got! For my daughter’s 5th birthday we decked out our house with lots of pinks and purples and added many majestic accents. I spent lots of time sourcing party supplies and on Pinterest gathering ideas.

The party guests had a variety of theme food options ranging from pink deviled eggs to frog lollipops to Princess juice bottles. Gold foiled wrapping paper was used as a base to create a more fancy vibe for all of the royal accents. The table featured a pale pink cake with a gold sparkly crown on top and a combination of 5 pink and purple candles. In addition to the cake, there were chocolate and vanilla cupcakes frosted in pink or white with pink and yellow sprinkles. There were lots of savory options too, like homemade mac & cheese to go along with all of the yummy, sweet treats.

The Dress Up table is made complete with little wands and tiaras.

I wanted my daughter’s guests to feel special so I set-up a Dress Up table with lots of fun accessories for the girls to wear. I made pink and purple tutus out of tulle netting that hung behind the Dress Up table with a small chalkboard sign that said “Get a: tutu, wand, ring and tiara”. I used pink and purple striped paper straws to create gold star wands, bowtie sunglasses, fun rings, sparkly tiara headbands and a mirror for gazing at themselves – of course! The girls had so much fun getting all dressed up!

Window decorations made of gold and silver hanging paper medallions.

With all of the windows in the main area I wanted to add an extra special touch. So I replaced my regular curtains and took pale purple and pink plastic table cloths to create themed curtains. As a tieback in the largest window I added tiara headbands to make it really fit the theme. Each window had addition accents as focal points like a #5 gold balloon, a mylar horse balloon and gold and silver hanging paper medallions. It made a huge difference in how the room looked as a whole without a lot of money – win win!

So many balloons!
Every story with a princess has a frog in it, right!?

The little royal guests took home all of their dress up accessoires as well as a frog goodie box with a velvet pouch containing a matching necklace and bracelet set. Seeing my daughter all dressed up with her friends made all of the crafting and prepping worth it!

Happy Party Planning, Friends!

– Maghan