Hello! Our craft for September was beading. We created multiple bracelets with a variety of beads ranging from tiny seed beads to decorative beads. Walking back and forth in the aisles of our local craft store deciding and gathering our color combinations was an exciting way to start our beading projects!

Here’s a quick Q&A of our beading adventures:

What did you want to get out of this project?
K: My experience with bead projects has been limited in the past and so I wanted to take this opportunity to play around with different bead combinations: sizes, textures and shapes. I knew a beaded strand bracelet would allow me to do all that. I’ve been so inspired by beaded bracelets lately, so creating one that would be neutral enough to work with most outfits but also add some fun to the mix sounded good to me!

M: Growing up with a crafty mom, who was also my Girl Scout leader, I remember the joy of picking just the right bead for my projects. There were times I’d pick out my favorite bead in the bunch and then design a project around that specific bead. Already having fond memories of beading from my childhood I wanted to bring back some of that joy in doing a beaded project today. Lately I’ve been seeing beaded bracelets making a mainstream comeback and I wanted to make one for myself. Sometimes taking a childhood craft and doing it as an adult is exactly the comfort craft I’m looking to do!

Did you enjoy the process?
K: Very much so. The initial bead selection at the craft store was fun. It was overwhelming with so many choices, but the neutral palette of beads I decided to use had me so excited to start experimenting with different combos! I knew I was going to try a strand bracelet and wanted 6 total so I went with 2 bracelets with 3 strands combos on each. This allowed me to have some strands with larger, more unique beads while others would compliment them with smaller, more subtle designs. What I loved too, was that if I wasn’t happy with how a strand was looking, it was so easy to start over. In the end, I had 2 bracelets that I loved and could wear together as a chunky bracelet or separately if desired. Another first for me was working with a magnetic clasp and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use. 

M: If there is a project with a repetitive pattern or movement, I’m in! With that said, this time around I tried to just put colors together that inspired me. I didn’t worry about being exact or having the same amount of matching beads in the bracelets. I got to be creative in the beginning of the making process by choosing the color scheme I liked and then transitioned to a soothing ending by stringing the beads together. It was really fun and enjoyable!

Would you do it again?
K + M: We sure do! We may have discussed making custom beaded bracelets for our friends, family or to sell at a local craft fair. Our project idea list is growing for sure!

Our daughters had fun being our models for our beading projects.

Happy crafting, friends!

– Katie & Maghan