Growing up in a creative household I knew I wanted to continue the tradition and share my passion for all things creative with my children. When my daughter turned six she had a rainbow, art inspired birthday and it was such a colorful party!

With the theme in mind I kept my eyes peeled for different rainbow items for the party. One of the first purchases I found was wrapping paper with overlapping balloons in rainbow colors. It was such a fun find to line the dining table for the food display. I pulled out the kids Ikea rainbow snack bowls and filled them with popcorn for additional rainbow color. Lots of the food was on the monotone side so it wouldn’t compete with the decor. Clear and white dishes were filled with chips and crackers so the rainbow goldfish and different colorful dips would pop more. I didn’t want the food to look too busy to enjoy! I put a birthday banner on paint brushes as a cake topper. The chocolate on the cake had drips along the sides to give the artistic paint feel.

Enjoying the watercolor sheets at the art table.
Mini paper chain necklace close-up  //  Maghan and Katie all ready for the party!

Making paper chains as party decorations and necklaces was so fun! I bought a variety pack of thin colored copy paper and it was much easier than handpicking all of the colors. I tend to spend too much time analyzing colors, so this took the guesswork out of the equation! I chose the thin copy paper so I was able to cut multiple sheets at once to save time and because I knew it wasn’t a permanent display I didn’t want to spend too much time cutting. I mixed different colored balloons with the paper chains throughout the house to make it feel festive and very colorful for the party.

One day when I was doing some grocery shopping I stumbled upon individual packs of Hershey’s Kisses in bright, primary colors. I may or may not have done a happy dance in the middle of the aisle (I totally did!) as my vision was coming to life. I immediately put every color in my cart and went straight home to start planning and designing. I added large Paper Mate mechanical pencils (great for little fingers) and a paint brush to a rainbow of Hershey’s Kisses as fun party favors to go along with crayon blank notebooks I found at Target.

Knowing adults also enjoy eating chocolate I put the remainder of the Hershey’s Kisses in quilted Mason Jelly Jars displayed next to a little Thank You sign on an easel with colorful treat bags. The adults filled up the striped paper bags with Hershey’s Kisses to take home with them. The kids made sure they helped the adults get enough chocolates!

Happy Party Planning, Friends!

– Maghan